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WordPress / Website Building and Hosting Solutions

WordPress / Website Building and Hosting Solutions

WordPress / Website Building and Hosting Solutions

About Us

We are always fascinated with how website works. Since 2016, we create and produce work that we are very proud of for clients that trust us. We are available for hire to produce websites using latest Content Management  Solutions.

Our Services

Web Hosting

  • Powered by high clock speed CPU's using NVMe local storage
  • Hosting using Plesk innovative hosting control panel
  • Free wordpress toolkit
  • High end server using apache with nginx as a reverse proxy server for delivering large amounts of static contents
  • 3 packages as Personal Plan, Business Starter Plan and Business Pro Plan

Web Development

  • Popular Content Management System such as WordPress
  • Want a website for business portfolio, custom one or podcast website? We got you covered!
  • Fast loading and optimized website using gtmetrix testing
  • As much as possible, we use free plugins or custom one to lessen the development costs
  • Responsive, cross-browser and cross-device design approach
  • Custom logo or custom psd mockup

Web Design

  • Logo design to suit your business branding
  • Follow latest modern trend for branding
  • How do you like to have logo variations for printout, letter heads and calling card?
  • We take a reference website or logo and we customize it based on your preference and make a website design, logo or mockup
  • Designers with outstanding portfolio

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What Clients Say?

Sherwin developed uHoo's website and picked new things up rather quickly to make sure the site was done based on the specified design. He has a good sense of responsibility and made sure that things move based on the schedule. Somebody you can count on to just dive in and start doing.

Dustin Jefferson S. Onghanseng

CEO - uHoo Inc.

Sherwin worked with us while I was at Siru Mobile, helping us develop our website. Cooperation with Sherwin was great and the communication worked very well. I strongly recommend Sherwin as a colleague and it is a joy working with him!

Fredrik B. Mattsson

Project Manager (formerly) - Siru Mobile

Sherwin has been nothing but amazing to work with. We worked on a project together and he went above and beyond the scope to accommodate the situation. I couldn’t recommend him enough on all counts (professionally, talent level, and communication). I look forward to the next project we get to work together on.

Steven Werley

Steven Werley Consulting

Sherwin is a thoughtful, creative and quick results producer! It is a pleasure working with him and we're lucky to have his legendary mind on our side! I highly recommend Sherwin's work!!!

Christopher Lochhead

Top 5 Business Podcaster | Niche Down & Play Bigger Author | 3X CMO | Category Designer w/ Whisky stained brain

Sherwin was a part-time web developer for our company for a couple of years. His work ethic and timeliness were always terrific. He responded quickly to emails, task, and updates. Sherwin submitted daily reports on this progress and made up lost time on weekends if needed. Very hard to find workers like this who are honest and self-motivated like Sherwin is.

Ikaika Kimura

Managing Member at KiMedia Inc.